A Weekend Getaway

A Weekend Getaway

The weekends are supposed to be people’s time to chill and relax, spend time with family or loved ones and just decompress, but a lot of people don’t take the time to actually make that happen. I understand that everyone’s life is different and sometimes you have to catch up on things you just couldn’t take care of around the house during the work week. This post, though, I’m going to share some ideas for you to just take the time for yourself! Treat yourself cause everyone deserves it!

Whether you are married with kids or single or in a relationship one thing I came across a few years back and finally took the opportunity to try out was, a Getaway House. They are all over the US and the company is called “Getaway”. They are these cozy little cabins/trailers with either one or two beds in them facing this wall sized window, a little kitchenette, and a bathroom inside. Outside they have a firepit, a picnic table and lounge chairs for you to relax in. You can even request a theme for your trip. Whether it is a weekend away with the family, a romantic trip with a loved one or like me just a much needed getaway from reality with my pup, they have themes for all!

Outside of the Ohio Getaway House

Like I mentioned before they are located all over the US and usually in remote locations away from big cities. For my trip I chose the closest one to me at the time which was right on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. They have hiking trails near by and they offer a little trail map of places to walk to. I’m sure other locations have more unique aspects to them but the main theme is to breakaway from everyday life and enjoy the moment!

Inside the getaway house

It was a little pricey to rent the place but in the end it was so worth it. I was able to relax and reflect on the things that were going on in my life at the time and I even took the time to dive back into something I am very passionate about, photography! I set up my own makeshift tripod that I assembled out of books and a wine bottle and had myself my own little photoshoot with Kona. It was really refreshing to not have to rush or think about anything besides what I was doing in the moment.

A Getaway house or any little retreat away from the norm can revitalize and recharge your mind and body! Camping, a hotel, a state park, ect. just getting out and going somewhere different to hike, sleep, read, write, just be at peace with yourself and/or loved ones is something I think a lot of people forget they need or never knew they needed! Coming from someone who likes to always be on the move and stay busy, it is very important to take a few days and just chill.

My friend Abbie and I preplanned a long weekend trip to Key West, Florida together and randomly rented a boat to just relax on for the day. (We both live in different states so these trips are much needed!)

If you absolutely cannot leave the house or don’t want to spend too much money or just don’t want to leave the house for that matter, take time to write down three things that bring you happiness. Just small things whether it is reading, bubble baths, putting on a scary movie (I love scary movies haha don’t judge), whatever it may be and then set a time in the day that you will do at least one of those items, if not all. If you don’t want to spend time alone, call up an old or new friend and reconnect for awhile, who knows that call could be the thing that makes their day! Or maybe they would even like to hang out!

My roommate Sam and I went to Target, bought snacks, matching outfits, and crafts, got our favorite Thai food and watched a movie together. We made a whole night of it and even got Kona an outfit too (which he hated haha)

I could write all day and night about places and suggestions for you to go to and do but that would turn into a novel! So for now, I will leave you with this one last tid bit of advice. Plan some time in advance, allow yourself to go and do something that will make you happy! For me, if I cannot travel somewhere and I am stuck at home (Like I am this weekend), I set time for the things I need to do and get done and then whether I am still doing those things later than I expected or not, I stop and make it a priority to do something I know will give me some joy. But I really do suggest getting out and trying something new as well! You never know, that something new might just be something you enjoy so much, you’ll want to keep doing it. It’s what I am doing at this very moment.:)

Till next time! -Kaitlion

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